Buying a new mac?? How about giving me your old one?!


Hey, Look!
If anyone who has a working Mac G4 or TiBook and is getting a new computer to replace it (like a Quicksilver or New iBook) and needs to get the old Mac off their hands, I'd be HAPPY to take it! I'd be willing to pay some money, not much, mind you, (if I was willing to spend a lot I'd get new TiBook or QuickSilver!:D ) or if you want I'd even take it for free!

This is a desperate attempt, sure, but what the hey!:D
Okay... maybe asking for a G4 or TiBook was a bit much...

Does anyone have any type Mac better than my iMac that they want to give away/sell for reeeeeeaaaaallll cheap??:D

Actually I am willing to buy a TiBook but my mom is a real beech and won't let me get it...:(

"You don't need it!", she said...:mad:


I've got at least 20 Apple IIgs systems you can have. Granted, they're no G4s, but they sure can play a mean game of Arkanoid. :)
I heard apple was making some big discounts on the old G4 towers left in the channel after MWNY. Of course, apple doesn't completely get it, the old high-end 733's still cost more than the new low-end 733's. Must be that L3 cache that makes it cost more, eh?:rolleyes:

If you did want a superdrive though, now might be your chance.....