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Hello all. I am planning to purchase a new mac book pro. The question is when to buy. I am planning on the 15inch w/ retina display, 512 ssd and upgrade to 16 gig of ram (not sure if I need that much but it's only $180 and cannot be altered after purchase). After education discount it comes to $2,779.00. Steep price. Is there a better time to purchase? I am in no absolute hurry to buy (except anticipation). If I wait, will there be a price drop (not likely) or will there be a component upgrade? I would like to purchase in the next 6 months. Thanks for the imput!
There will always be an updated model, eventually.
But as you can get the student discount... usually around when the schools starts in fall there's some sort of back to school discount. Sometimes it's been a discount, sometimes an added iPod etc. It might be worth to wait a bit to see if there's a decent deal this year.
Other price drops are unlikely - except when the new models come out and if you then buy a previous model from a third party.
Usually with MBP you could expect each model to refresh about every 9+ months.
Thanks, that is information I needed. New model every 9 months. I think the retina display macbook pro came out in July, so I may buy soon.
If your planning to buy new Mac Book Pro then you should hurry, don't wait for the prices to be drop.
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