buying an old sgi machine!


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I'd love to buy an old silicon graphics machine, does anyone have any experience with these? Are they usable for everyday stuff and a little tinkering. It would be purely a hobby machine and not much else. have lots available and I'd appreciate some advice!
They can be fun to own, but I wouldn't necessarily grab one for anything other than 'hobby-work'. I had an SGI O2 (180mhz), but it I have a Sun Ultra10 as a toy. Both are/were neat things to keep around and play with.

As far as using it for everyday stuff, that will probably depend on your skill level. You should also consider the OS issue...a lot of the ones you get off E-Bay come with a blank disk, no OS. A license for IRIX isn't exactly 'cheap'.
I have three SGIs (two Indigos and an Indy) and I love 'em. They're great systems.

The Indy gets daily use... mainly for video capture. I have the Indy Video and Cosmo Compression cards in mine, so even though it is a 1993 system I can still capture at full frame size and full frame rate.

Plus I watch TV on it. It is connected to a DVD player, VCR and (basic) Cable TV.

I've had the Indy since 1999. I've upgraded the RAM, the hard drive, the processor, added the Indy Video and Cosmo Compression cards, it is also connected to a CD-ROM drive and Zip drive (it reads Mac formatted media perfectly).

My Indigos, on the other hand, basically sit around collecting dust. It has pretty much been this way since I got the Indy. But they are still cool systems, :rolleyes: just not as cool as my Indy. :D
Thanks for your replies, are the Octanes any good? I've read that there is little or no difference between the Octane and the Octane2. There seems to be plenty of deals available on ebay for Octanes including monitors/keyboards/mouse.