Bwahaha: Osxonintel Is Down!

Now, if the hosting company would go away, I'd be happier. I clicked the link, and had 2 persistent pop-under ads come up, sending IE into seizure-mode (complete with spinning-rainbow-wheel). :mad:

What ever happened to closing a window doing nothing but closing the window???

Oh, and just to stay on topic... If you wanna run MacOSX, GET A MAC!!!
I think about 50% of sites online use pop-ups now. How long is it going to take for marketing geniuses realise that annoying people won't sell things? Admin - please don't ever use pop-ups on! There are better ways to make money off of sites.
As much as I love Apple it would be great to have OS X work on X86 computers it would help bring a lot more software to Mac OS X becasue people wouldn't have to buy a whole other computer to make software for it.
Mac OS X?
What do you think about Windows XP?

If you want to run it speedy, you need 256 MB and a Pentium III.
So there are a lot of people who have to buy a new computer if they want to run Windows XP.

Not that there are a lot of people that WANT to run Windows XP... :D

Nope, putting MacOSX on Intel would be a really bad idea.

I think that Sun provides a good illustration of the best case scenario when it comes to Solaris. They've got an x86 version, but software support for it is really weak, and the hardware support is even worse. Solaris/x86 is hardly used anywhere it matters, and it's performance is simply horrible compared to the Solaris version.

So, the best we could hope for with MacOSX/86 is weak software support, weak hardware support, and a collective yawn from the entire Intel-machine owning public. Besides, remember that it's very very difficult to purchase an Intel-based system without Windows on it. In this picture, the question becomes, "If I have to pay for Windows, and it's already on the machine, why would I want to pay again for MacOSX (with fewer apps available for it)??" In fact, this is one of the problems that Linux faces right now.

Another possible (and worse) scenario is that, as you suggest, it would somehow bring more software to OSX. If everyone suddenly stopped buying Apple HW, instead buying x86 machines (to run all this OSX/86 software that's supposed to suddenly appear), it would gut Apple's system sales, and then there'd be no Apple, no MacOSX, and we'd all have to run Windows or Linux.

It's going to sound strange, but Apple is not in the business of selling Operating Systems. They're in the business of selling systems - not just hardware, not just software, but the whole package. MacOSX is simply a component of a larger system called Macintosh. Take either the OS or the hardware away from the equation, and you'd quickly find that it doesn't really stand very well on its own. Running Linux on Mac hardware, for instance, is functional, but not at all the same thing as running Macintosh (MacOS on Mac Hardware). The same would be true of MacOSX on non-Mac hardware.
ok ok stop!
Before anyone replies to this thread make it known that we have exhaustivelly analysed the how and whys OS X on x86 would not be a good idea and would not work, so I will save you some time by telling you that you are, at this point in the game, waisting your typing time if you are thinking of posting a pro or con about OS X on intel :p