C Compiler Cannot Create Executables


Everytime I try to install packages through fink, such as gnome or window maker, I get the error "C compiler cannot create executables."
Does anyone know what the problem is? I've seen this question on the forum before just never an answer to it.
This is happening because apple has updated the *NIX side of X and now many things are different. I am having trouble installing some things because libSystem.dylib is different from 10.0.4's version of it. Sooner or later hopefully either Apple will release an update or software developers will configure these type of things for 10.1.
Fink does work.

your old dev tools are going to be not happy until you update, then you will be unhappy for a while trying to get a handle on the new flags n stuff.

I am working on it too...


get new version of fink!!!!

if you have installed... try

"fink updateself"</b>