C math library (libm)


I downloaded the Developers tools yesterday and have them installed and working fine with OSX PB. However, I can\'t for the life of me locate the C math library \'libm\'. Its discussed in man and math.h is in the include directory. I can find most of the other common libraries, but no libm.a. \'locate libm\' does find what looks like a Java libmath library. Has \'libm\' taken on a unique name for OSX (likely e.g. on an alpha libcpml is an optimized subsitutute for libm) or has it not been ported (very unlikely). I\'ve made it thru compile without errors, built a special tools library, and would just like to link which needs libm. This code is for a optical deconvolution package for computaional optical sectioning micrsocopy that I\'ve used on SGI\'s and alphaLinux and LinuxPPC platforms. Thanks.
Buried in the Development tool release notes I found this answer to my question: c++ command

The c++ command no longer tells the compiler to link binaries with the math library via the -lm compiler switch. [Nothing more, thats all, period!]

I believe this means that you don\'t need to link to libm, it is impliit in the compiler. So I\'ve removed -lm from my makefile and competed the first stage of the make. This suggests that my interpretation is correct.

An experiences C programer read the same note and interpreted it just the opposite of me. He was wrong.