Cable Modems/DHCP & Login Password


My problem is that I can't get my 'Telstra Bigpond' cable modem (Australia) to work. Has anyone set this up? The problem is that it works on DHCP but requires a user login and password to connect/verify to the internet. Telstra use there own proprietry software and tech support says they will not have a OS X version for at least 6 months! Does anybody know of a work around? Is there some shareware software that will do the same thing or a unix terminal solution?

In a spot of bother, I need the net! Any help would be muchly appreciated.

I have just had Telstra Big Pond installed and was annoyed to find PPPoE doesn't do the job of logging on in place of Big Pond Advanced. I have just spoken with some guy at Telstra and apparently PPPoE should work "as there is no real difference between Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X".

I have as yet been able to contact my friends at AppleCare for a work around. As soon as I discover something I'll post it.

An alternative is to use a router and log in with that, then use standard ethernet settings to connect to your little network.

I agree with the router suggestion. i bought one because we have two imacs and wanted to share the connection. the best 'extra' was that it logs on for you immediately. I feel like i have static dns, not dynamic!! I would keep the router even if i had no one to share with. at under $100 they are worth it for this reason alone. mine is an smc barricade with built in firewall as well. i last saw them selling for $79 after rebate. worth every penny.:)