Camera Connection Problem With Powermac G5


I can not get the computer to see either my camcorder or my small DV deck, both are equipped with firewire. I have tried the simple tricks in the help menu. My isight camera IS connecting, but not the camcorder or DV/firewire deck. Is there something I did when installing Tiger? Is there some way to activate the firewire port? I've tried front port, back port, and through a peripheral. No good.

Dumb question...but have you turned the camcorder or dv deck on? Also, were they working BEFORE you installed Tiger?
Its not a dumb question and thanks. But yes, my camera and deck are both on. I plugged them into my old install (OSX plus Imovie) and it worked first time and every time. Now that I have tiger the G5 will not "see" my camera. It does see the Isight camera. So, something changed.