Can a 15" Powerbook/AGP G4 drive a 20" Cinema display?


I got a 15" Powerbook - it has a DVI connector - and a G4 AGP, upgraded with faster processor - been using a 19" analog monitor with it.
Now thinking of buying a 20.1" LCD - either the Apple or a Dell (yeah, I know - sacrilege) which has both DVI and analog connectors.

What I need to know - will the Powerbook drive these displays - it drives the 19" monitor I have right now with the G4 - and what about the AGP G4? If I need to buy a card for the G4, which should I get?

Appreciate your answers...

Your G4 15'' powerbook with a DVI connector will very surely run the cinema screen and most probably also the dell screen (not sure if it's dvi as well or only d-sub [where you will be forced to use an adaptor]). However, you won't be able to change the graphic unit of your powerbook. My suggestion to be 100% sure and also pick a good screen without any dead pixels: take your powerbook to the store and try the screens before you buy them. Good luck!