can darwin/afterstep run macosx aplications


ok this is my question darwin is the base for macosx rigth so does that mean that darwin with afterstep or what ever windows manager can run a macosx intended aplication

just whant to know, cause i whant to make the move to darwin/x86 afterstep.......


1) OS X is PPC
2) Native OS X applications use the OS X UI/graphical APIs (Aqua et al), which are not present in Darwin/AfterStep
thanx i really needed 2 know, cause i was planing on installing it on my pc computer but know i see i dont have to, since i can make the same by installing linux and using the gnome since i will be only opening programs that already are made for the x-windows i will just wait for macosx version for pc's (hope dont get old in the waiting)and note: that im a mac user but my dad surprised me with a pc instead of a mac.