Can Disk Utility fix OS X startup volume, or will I have to use Norton Beta for now?


Does anyone know if it's possible to get Disk Utility to fix problems found on an OS X volume which happens to be the startup volume? The "Repair" button is dimmed (i.e., it can't be used), even when I enter my password in Disk Utility. Will I have to instead use the Norton Beta (available at for now, while booted up in OS 9? Can I not use OS 9's Disk First Aid to check and repair an OS X volume? Thanks for any help.
One solution to this problem is to start up OS X in single user mode by holding down the "s" key when the machine starts. You'll see a lot of text fill the screen (hidden during a normal boot) and then there will be a prompt. Just enter "/sbin/fsck -y" which will run the command line equivalent of the Disk Utility. When that has finished, enter "shutdown -r now" to reboot.

Having said all that, I have major problems with my hard disk that none of the Apple-supplied tools can fix. I'm just backing up my machine before trying the Norton Utilities beta. :-(

I have noticed that there are a lot of disk errors when using OS X PB. Are others finding the same?