Can I boot OS 9 with OS X installed?


I can stand it no longer, I have to take the plunge and install Mac OS X! I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was possible to boot up in Mac OS 9 with Mac OS X installed on the same partition, but I just wanted to confirm this. Continued use of Mac OS 9 is essential for me as I still need to print (I understand my Epson Stylus Color 740 isnt supported yet) and burn CDs.
you can install os x on the same partition like the rest of the system. i've done it and it works perfectly.

but don't try to boot to os 9 again using the alt key. this will somehow mess up your system and you won't be able to start the startup disk control panel in os x. the only way of getting back to 9 then is booting from an os 9 cd. at least on my yosemite 300 it is like that.

however, if you switch your os using the control panels in os x and os 9 you won't get any problems.

greets, jay
I've gotten it even using the panels. Wanted to point out that sometimes you have to run Disk First Aid on the hd to be able to boot os 9 from it. (If Startup Disk crashes in System Preferences)
The 'System Disk' tool is used on both OS 9 and OS X to switch which OS you want to boot into. It took a few tries to figure this out since System Disk presented me with two Moc OS 9 disks. The first one I picked attempted to boot OS 9, but failed before loading extensions. Now that I figured out which OS 9 to pick, and since I found the OS 9 version of System Disk (I learned quickly that Startup Disk would not do the job), I am able to switch back and forth between OS 9 and X.