Can I buy Os 10.1 in the store??


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I want to buy Os X.1 (10.1) when it comes out in September. Apparantly there will be no download available. Does this mean that all the Os X boxes in stores will be replaced by 10.1 boxes?? I sure hope so because I don't feel like buying X and then having to pay so that Apple can mail me 10.1

I'll be happy when I can finally play DVD on my Tibook :D it's about time!!!!
I think you will be able to buy it.

As far as I know, the boxes with OS X that are for sale right now also have 10.0.4 in it, but I don't know for sure.

Maybe the only reason Apple releases OSX in September is because they wait till they sold all their old boxes... ;)
Originally posted by allengoodman
10.1 will be FREE through software update

If only this was true.

See the "We Have to Pay for 10.1!!!" thread in the Mac OS X News section.

Phil Schiller has stated to a MacWorld editor and on Apple's own site that it will ONLY be available on CD.

As far as if you will be able to buy it in stores... My guess would be yes, but I haven't seen any direct quotes or statements re: this.

But will we be able to walk into the store with our coupons and get X.1 for a very low price?
I would assume that you would. However, maybe there will be a separate update CD that does not include the big box, little manual/flyer, extra CDs, etc...

That would make sense and I wouldn't mind.

We'll se in Sept.