Can I connect a PC to my eMac?


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Hi guys,

I will be doing some work with Macromedia Flash Communications Server. I can author the files on my Mac but I must deploy them to a Communication Server on either the Linux or Windows platforms. So my question is can I connect a PC to my eMac for this purpose? If I was to purchase a cheap PC desktop or laptop computer is it easy to synchronise them and how? Can you use Ethernet for this purpose? As you have probably guessed I have not got a clue what I'm doing with this. :eek:

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

I use Dreamweaver for ColdFusion + Flash development. I have one Win XP Pro machine that runs a web server and it's connected to the network. When I create a new site in DW on my iMac, I specify my testing server as that win computer in the site definition.
Make sure to you enter the IP address in the DW's site definition for the testing server as 192.168.1.[whatever number in assigned to it]. (To find out the IP address assgned to particular Win comp, type 'ipconfig' in the command line and press enter). Then when you are ready to test your pages, DW will put them on that testing server.
Thanks for responding. So how do you have your PC connected to your Mac? And how does it work? Can you just drag your files from one desktop to the other or do you have to transfer them in some other way? I've never actually seen something like this working so I'm really curious how to play this one.

Thanks again.