Can I Get My Appletv To Play Video Audio To Multiple Airplay Enabled Speakers ?


To all concerned.... :)

Can I get my AppleTV to play my video files audio to multiple Airplay enabled speakers ?

I have a B&W Zepplin Air plus a ARCAM irDac enabled Rotel Hi-Fi system... and these are the two sets of speakers I would like the video audio from AppleTV to play to. Currently my B&W Zepplin Air plays the audio from my TV as a kind of sounds bar.

I have my B&W Zepplin Air connected directly into my Panasonic TV.

I don't have any audio connection to my 3rd Gen AppleTV. My ARCAM irDACenabled Rotel Hi-Fi system is in the same room, so I wanna try and create a kinda surround sound with my airplay enabled systems ?

Using my iPhone 6 and the Apple Remote App I am able to play my iTunes Library audio to multiple speaker sets.... but it's the audio of a movie that I would now like to try to send to multiple sets... is this possible... are there any possible workarounds...?

Any advice...? comments most welcome...?