Can I get person's Name automatically when replying to the message?


Sounds Mac'uezque and therefore I cannot understand why it is not implemented yet. This is what I mean:

1. I receive a message from a person.
2. I reply to the message and my default signature is used.
Say, my signature sais:
"Dear ,

Cheers, dscheste"

Why cannot I take the first name of the person, if it is in my addressbook, or the whole name and just use it as a variable?

So the whole routine will look like:

1. Got a message from, where dscheste dscheste is full name.
2. Click reply and I get:

Dear dscheste,


I have seen this implemented in a PC email client. I do not remember which one. BAT I guess.
I assume nobody has ever really tried. I'm pretty sure it could be done with an AppleScript, though.
Assuming you are using Tiger you might even be able to do that with Automator or perhaps Automator + an Applescript module.