Can I mount hard drive AND a user volume from a mac server ?



I'd like to mount the Macintosh_HD volume but also a user folder from a mac server.

From what I can tell, I can either mount:

only Macintosh_HD or multiple user folders

but not Macintosh_HD AND a user folder

The reason I need this is I need write permissions to the user folder and access to some of the stuff THAT user typically doesn't have access to.

would a symbolic link from the Macintosh_HD to the user folder provide me with write permissions to that area ? would that be a workaround ?
As far as I know, the simple thing is to go to the Network, "Connect" to the computer, and choose the volume, then go back to the Network, click "Connect" again, and choose the user folder you want.

Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.
ah.. sorry, I should have been more explicit..

only the admin user can mount the volume

once logged in as the admin to the machine, the only user volume it will let me mount is the admin user.. i want to also mount a regular user