Can I Re-install 9.1 thru OS X ?


I have an iMac DV+, with 192 mb ram. The machine is baught in Norway (where I live), so I got the Norwegian 9.0.4 when I got the Mac. Now, when I purchased OS X, the US version of 9.1 came with it.

So, I had to delete the norwegian 9.1 (I upgraded the 9.0.4), and then install the US 9.1 that came with OS X. After some trying, I got it to work. It took some time before it wanted to remove the Norwegian OS, but I got it to work. After the Installation, I rebooted, and everything seemed fine. But one little od thing, some of the norwegian folders were still there. So, for some reason I did not delete everything. Even my old files and folders (apps and stuff) where still there. So I did not choose the "complete delete" of the system. No worry´s. But the odd thing was that in the system folder, some of the norwegian system files was still there... But I didn´t care about that. Don´t mean much.

So I started the installation of OS X, and that went smooth. I haven´t had any problems what so ever with neither 9.1 or X. BUT...

Now I see that I could have choosen a light version of 9.1, not FULL. Because now Classic uses way to much time to load. so my question is, can I remove my 9.1, still having OS X and all my files and folders installed ? THEN installing 9.1 light, thru OS X ? Do you get my point ? I really hope so :)