Can I run Borland JBuilder on OSX/PB



Can somebody tell me if I can run (Inprise)Borland JBuilder on my OSX/PB ? Or is there an other GUI java development tool that runs under MacOS X ?

Yes, you can use JBuilder for Mac OS X.
There are some things that you have to do though.

I don´t quite remember what it all is, but I think there is some info on the Borland page.

There should also be a how to do on

I have installed JBuilder, and it seems to work quite well.
except of the annoying thing that you cannot enter these brackets with the option-key. (I mean these: {} ), so you can´t really use JBuilder.
But you can use Project Builder for doing some Java, it is quite nice, but what really is missing is the contextual help of JBuilder...