Can I uninstall Developer Tools?


So I'm an idiot :p I installed the developer tools cd not knowing WHAT the dilly yo was :p and now I'm unable to take it out of my Hard Disk because it's owned by the system?? I'd kinda like to get this HD space back-how do i do that?


I don't know if the Developer tools put extensions in anywhere, but I don't think so. In any case, you can remove the Developer directory by opening a terminal window and issuing the following command:
sudo rm -rf /Developer
When prompted for a password, enter your password. Assuming that you are an Admin user, it will begin removing the files and directories under the Developer tree. You might want to go for coffee (or your preferred poison); the deletion will take a few minutes - there are nearly 45,000 entries to remove.

Of course, the standard disclaimer applies here: I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the system by mis-typing (or not mis-typing) this command. Please be careful. You have been warned. It worked for me, but as always, YMMV... :)
That's not the best way, because you still leave remnants of the Developertools inside the /usr/lib/ folder among other places.

Instead there is a perl script in the apple support pages which removes it entirel from your system so that the uninstall is clean.

An excerpt from this page ( ):

Uninstalling Xcode Tools
To uninstall from the CD or disk image that contains Xcode Tools, type in a Terminal window:
$ sudo perl /Volumes/Xcode\ Tools/Utilities/
To uninstall Xcode Tools on your system, type in a Terminal window:
$ sudo perl /Developer/Tools/
NOTE: Running the uninstall script from Xcode will uninstall any previous installations of Mac OS X Developer Tools or Xcode releases.
NOTE: After running the uninstall script, you should restart your system before installing Xcode again.
So you really believe that the OP sat around for more than nine years waiting for you to answer his question?