Can iCal Notify via eMail?


I've searched and cannot find... Can someone explain how to enable iCal to send alerts via e-mail when an appointment or event is about to occur? Can such e-mail alerts be distributed to multiple addresses?

And, for the same project but on a slightly diferent vein, can iCal be posted to a server that is not a .Mac and does not require .Mac accounts for access?

Answers or guidance to the right resources would be greatly appreciated.

We are deciding upon a calendaring applications for the corporation and iCal has features we want, except the e-mail feature, plus we want it on our server, not a public server, and we don't want to force each user to have an .Mac account.

If iCal can't do these things, or can you recommend alternative programs?

Thank you,
I kept looking and just found a MacWorld hints page online that explained how to juggle entries in Address Book to have them accessible when you sent an alarm in iCal to send eMail. I'll try that now and advise on success (or not).
iCal can definitely send a reminder email to one person, not sure about a larger group. Create your appointment, click on the little 'i' in the bottom right of iCal, go to alarm and click on the little arrows. Select email and your address to remind yourself. If you need to send a reminder to others you select 'attendees' and drag the address cards from Address Book.