Can someone fill me in?


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I'm a bit confused here. I have tried to read up on the threads and talk with the other mods but everyone's giving me a different version of events.

What exactly happened with toast? Everyone seems to think that this has something to do with Scott's post about mods leaving, and the mods think that, Scott, you're trying to force someone out. From I understand, you are simply stating that if anyone is too pissed about the site shut-down to continue modding, they're free to go.

Anyways, please correct my thinking here so I can have a somewhat intelligent conversation with the other mods when they contact me. Appreciate it!


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here's what i know. in this thread i referred to toast as a prick. next thing i know, he's got prick in his nick description. seems obvious somebody blabbed to him what i said. so i got upset.

scott actually took a more tactful approach i think, but now people are reading way too much into that.

this talking outside the forum is starting to bother me. there is no reason people can't say what they want inside the forum. they don't have to agree with everything we say. but we certainly don't need mods who say one thing here and another when they think we're not looking. that's my take on it. it would be better if they spoke with the action of leaving if they are so upset they can't even confront us about it.

that's my perspective.


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Guys... for one, I didn't know who was at fault, nor was I pointing fingers at anyone. A few, Fryke & Jason, think I targeted them, but if they feel that way, tuff. Cause I wasn't.

These guys don't know when to shut up. They are not showing the level a maturity that I would like to see. Although I had no intention of seeing anyone go before I posted my thread, it appears at least two people have 'volunteered' to be butchered by their actions.

I don't know. We have a 16 and a 13 year old asking me questions about mail hosting and in the even I ever sold this place, of which I have no intention of doing.

I don't have a problem with young people at all, if they can handle themselves in a professional manner, but to me, these two are stirring the pot for not reason at all.... other than to force us into defending our actions, when they are the ones who's actions are being investigated.