Can someone post some Fire screenshots?


I was wondering if anyone would be willing to post some screenshots of Fire by Epicware. I'm trying to get a feel for what kind of features it has (AIM specifically) before I install X. Any screenshots of the buddy list window, preferences, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
I am in OS 9 now so I can't....yet Fire is wonderful because it is simple. there arn't as many of the Buddy Icon crap and all that junk from what I know like the stock ticker yet it is great for messaginb buddys.
On the subject of FIRE, I seem to be getting very unreliable performance. I use FIRE for ICQ only, and when sending messages, the receipient sometimes receives my message and sometimes they don't. Anyone else experiencing this??

I'm using MAC OS X and OS 9.0.4 on the same partition. iMac DV SE. I'm using Fire's latest (d) version.