Can' startup photoshop in 10.1


Super Bull
I can't start Photoshop 6 in Os X 10.1, system displays a message saying "insuficient privileges" or something like that.
What can I do??? I login like the Admin, this means I have all privileges to startup any app, thats right?? if not what can I do to have this privilege?

many thX
Is classic already running when you try to launch Photoshop?

or are you trying to run Photoshop and have it startup classic

(I'm just wondering if it's actually photoshop that's causing the system to display the privilege warning, or if it's maybe classic)

try getting info on photoshop, and see who it's owned by, this may give myself or someone else here a clue as to why you are having this problem.
Classic is started befor launching Photoshop 6, but also tried photoshop startups Classic.

the exact message of sistem is: "Photoshop can be launched because you don't have suficient privileges"
It's strange the message window appears in classic enviroment not in X, and this message appears when Photoshop is almost loaded.