Candy Bar Alternative


Other than candybar is there any way to change system wide icons like text files, folders etc?
Having never used Candy Bar (im not actually about to help answer your question, sorry), whats it like?

i was considering using it to make things look nicer, how easy is it to remove all changes and get back to standard?
mw84 - any reason why you'd want to use anything other than CandyBar? It's a stunning program and now supported in Tiger!

DefUnct_UK - Taking it back to standard is as easy as pressing a button! ;)
Only because my trial period ran out and I was hoping to find either a freeware alternative or something similar with another trial period. I would buy the full version but I very rarely change icons. If there's no alternative programme is there a way to change system file icons manually? All I want to change is the cd icons (cd-rw, cd-r etc) and generic folders.