Cannot boot Classic OS 9 in OS X


When trying to start up the Classic environment (9.0.4) from within OS X, I receive the following error during startup:

This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Please use the Installer to update this disk for this model.

This occurs during the OS 9 boot sequence. I'm using a dual processor G4. Any ideas? I can switch between OS X and OS 9 with no problems whatsoever.
This happened to me and after several installs, I figured it out. If you use the OS 9 Restore CD, you will get this error. Install OS 9 using the Software Install CD and it will work fine. I thought that it might be a driver issue, but it is not. I installed using the Installer CD, and then replaced the system folder with a backup of my previous Restore CD version of the system folder and the problem came back.
Oddly enough, I have never used the Restore CD. The machine is a brand new dual processor G4, which I assume was installed via an Install CD from Apple. Nevertheless, if the restore CD is indeed the culprit, it would appear that Apple uses these to install the O/S on new machines. Odd. Thanks for the advice.
I have given it some thought and I don't think I ever re-installed after recieving this new machine (this is my third G4 as the others had to be replaced due to faulty components). This would indicate that Apple is, indeed, installing from the Restore CD. As a test, I just used the Restore CD on my other HD and when it finished, iMovie was installed and the computer went through the fancy movies during the initial startup. If you install from the Install CD, you have to manually install iMovie and you will not get the fancy demo stuff.

Mark Thompson
Thanks for following up. Do you think it would be sufficient to reinstall OS 9 from the Install CD over the existing installation or would I need to start from scratch, so to speak?
From what I can tell, it is either an extension or the System itself that interrupts OS X. What I did is this:

1. originally backed up my Hard Drive to a second HD.
2. Initialized my HD with two partitions, each set to HFS Extended.
3. Installed OS 9 on the first partition.
4. Copied over everything from the backup except for those items in the system folder that the new installed put there. I did copy over all my prefereances as I did not want to have to reset all my settings. i even copied over all my applications and those extensions and control panels that were not in the re-install.
5. Installed OS X on the second partition.

Everything has been working like a charm. You might try what you propose and see what happens. Post your experience here so we can see what the result was. Doing a clean install should work, if my theory is right.

About the only other problem I encountered was that I couldn't install OS X on a UFS partition. Everytime I tried, I got an error that the BSD could not be skipped. Not sure what that is about, but Extended is better. UFS volumes cannot be seen in OS 9.

Good luck.

Mark Thompson