Cannot Install OS X 10.1 on HD


Hi Folks!

I have a Blue and White G3 and have attempted to replace the old 12gb hard drive with a new Western Digital 80gb model. There is already a 4gb SCSI drive which has been running 10.1 just fine. The old 12gb drive is in the Zip Drive slot.

Installation of the drive goes well enough and I can initialize, format and partition to my heart's content.

I cannot however, install 10.1 or any previous version. I get an error messae reporting "Cannot set file attributes."

Installation without other hard drives connected doesn't work. Installing 10.0 first doesn't help.

If I then reboot and go into Disk Utility and run First Aid, I get an error reporting there are various problems with the Catalog.

Going through all this with various partitions doesn't help.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Could be a bad drive? Happens sometimes even with new ones, or the controler card could have a problem. Are you using a new cable.

Also, do you have the id's set correctly so the drives do not conflict with each other?:rolleyes:
It's totally weird,

I am able to format the drive into as many partitions as I want but the Mac OS X (beta, 10.0, 10.1) installers don't like the drive.

The installer will install most of the stuff but always in the same spot, it will report errors. After that point, I'll restart and run Disk Utilities. The check will then show catalog errors. If I reformat the drive, Disk Utilities will check the drive and show that everything seems to be OK.

I'm starting to wonder if there's an issue with the installer. At this point I don't know. The drive seems OK up until I try to run the Mac OS X installer.

Then again, a friend is pointing me to the Sonnet PCI IDE controller since that'll allow me to use more than one ATA drive with the BW G3 Rev 1 computer I have. (new personal rule, buy second generation new systems. Should have learned that when I bought a IIcx and not even four months later, the IIci was born. Buy a BW G3 then later the Rev B comes out which would allow me not to be experiencing this stuff).

It's all really baffling. I'll take the drive to my G4 at work and see what happens as well. If it works there, which I suspect it will, then it's off to buy either a Ultra/ATA 66 or Ultra/ATA 100 (any news on how well the Ultra/ATA 100 works with OS X would be helpful and appreciated.)