Cannot Mount DVD ROM

What is he CDi format ?
I know that CDi was a sort of console/home system kind of machine (well lots of models of it anyway), but I dont think it caught on.

Could a mac run a CDi CD ? Any advantages to them?

Exlpain it more if you can :)
I have checked my /etc/hostconfig file, and it seems to be in working order, I am only have this problem on drives with a DVD-ROM b/c my ibook is in working order. And I have a serious qualm with it being a hardware failure, based on the fact it behaved this way after installing the OS via that drive, plus I cannot force the mount via any of the devices in /dev so does anyone know of a planned Apple fix? b/c it appears multiple kids are having this problem.

Thanks for your help and cd format lessons :eek: P

Here's one thing to try; open a Terminal, and run 'tail -f /var/log/system.log' to watch the system log. Once that's going, insert your DVD and see what kind of stuff prints out.