cannot open appkit.pdf


cocoa love
hi my fellow developers, the appkit.pdf is about 18 Mb and the foundation.pdf is about 8 Mb, i was able to download the foundation.pdf and view it but its really no use to me or anybody i know, (it was 1013 pages!), but when i download the appkit.pdf, (in which i really need),and try to view it, preview says that it couldnt be opened. Does anybody know if the pdf is too big or am i doing somthig wrong?
I thought the PDF files were just a copy of the HTML documentation that's available online and through the Developers CD installation. In that case, you'll be much happier browsing the HTML files because you can hop back and forth with the links.

...Unless you intend to print out that tome.

I was able to open AppKit.pdf on my Win NT work box with Acrobat Reader 4.0. You might try opening it with Adobe's Reader or maybe print it out from another computer that has the Reader program.

BTW, when you download Reader from Adobe it just downloads a 300K file that then points to the full program. I hate those installation programs. If you click on Adobe's "Text/Accessibility" version of the page, you can download the whole 40MB file at once.

I've found some other PDFs that Preview can't open; I was able to open them in Acrobat Reader 5
i tried to open it in the acrobat reader for mac os x, is that version 5 as well? and it still wouldnt open