Cannot Open E-mail Attachments In Mail 2.0 Or Entourage


Yesterday, I experienced a new problem with Entourage X. I could not open any attached files (even though I have the appropriate applications to open them.) They come through looking okay, like a PDF or Word document or whatever, but when I either double click on them or save them and try to open from within the appropriate application, I get a message that the file could not be opened.

I thought perhaps it was just an Entourage problem. I rebuilt its database and got rid of a bunch of old e-mail. No luck.

So I switched to Mail. That worked okay for half a day, and now the exact same problem is occurring in Mail.

I can retrieve mail attachments if I use webmail programs. However, this is not a good long term solution as I need to archive and organize my e-mails.

Since it affects both programs I think it is a system software issue. However I do not have any idea of how to fix it.

I am running Tiger and have downloaded all of the updates.
im having the same problem.

most if not all images or attachments come up as being corrupted when open with there respected application. There is something happening when entourage is downloading the message thats not working or something.