Cannot Print


I have an hp Laser jet 1300 connected via USB to a Power Mac G4 running OS X 10.3.9. The printer is also shared with an eMac on the local network. Today for some reason, I came in and have been unable to print any documents (pdf, word or web) from the main computer to which the printer is directly connected. I was however able to print from the eMac to which the printer is shared, even though I could not print form the computer the printer is directly connected to. I have tried to delete the printer from the print center, and then added it back on, and I have done a Norton System-Works repair of the disk, but no help. The error message I am getting with word is: Word cannot print due to a problem with the current printer. Make sure you have a printer selected in Print Center. You may need to print again or adjust your printer settings. I have had this setup for over a year, and it has been working fine. Not sure what changed, except that I suspect there may be some issue with some of the OS updates I recently downloaded. Any help out there?
Have tried both approaches. No luck. i did an archive and install after my initial post for help and that worked. However, I ran my Acrobat Professional recently, (or was it Reader? Have both, but cannot remember which, but one of the two definitely) and I am back to square one. Lost printing capability again and unless someone has a solution out there, will start another archive and install. :(