Cannot reinstall MAC OS X... or do anything else for that matter.


Recently my Macbook Pro had froze so I turned off the system by way of the power button. When I attempted to turn it back on I was stuck on the Startup Screen with the Apple and have not been able to get past that for several days. I had tried every solution I could look up without the use of the Mac OS X CD , which was not available to me at the time.

I finally have the CD and first I tired to run disk utility on my HD (Hitachi HTS545032B9SA02 Media). Under First Aid I have no options present, not Repair Disk, nor Verify Disk, and not even Verify Disk Permissions or Repair Disk Permissions.

At a loss there I attempted to reinstall Mac OS X. When I attempt that, I am brought to "Select Destination". The "Examining Available Disks" process runs but finds no options for me to reinstall Mac OS X.

Again at a loss I attempt to erase the hard drive, as nothing drastically important is on the Hard Drive, when I attempt to do so. After about one second I get this message "Disk Erase failed with the error: Operation timed out".

So... now. I'm completely at a loss. Is there any advice anyone can give me before I bring this to an Apple Store or is it completely hopeless.

The version of OS X I have is 10.6. If any other information is needed for you to solve this problem I'll get it to you.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


It sounds like your disk died. Even if you magically get some small signs of life, I would be very afraid that you are living on borrowed time.

If you are up to it, find a page via google that tells how to take about your laptop and just unplug and replug in the drive to start with. If that doesn't work, then replace it. If you have Apple Care, then, of course, just take it in but it sounds like you do not.


I had thought my warranty expired a few months ago but it did not, as I found out this morning. Thanks for your response. This will for sure be covered under AppleCare?


Nevermind, I checked and Hard Drive replacements are covered if it's not from Accidental Damage.

I have dents in the laptop from months and months ago, I'm sure thats going to give me problems.


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The dents may complicate the coverage.
But getting a new hard drive isn't that expensive any more, and it's quite easy to install on your Mac, if that makes it any better.