Cannot start Classic ? superuser permission oddness

eric halfabee

You talking to me!
Please help

I get the following message when I attempt to run classic (OS X 10.1, classic 9.2.1):

You are running Classic without superuser(root) privileges. Ensure that TruBlueEnvironment is setuid and owned by root, or reinstall your Mac OS X System Software.

Note: the spelling of setuid is as it appears on the dialogue box.

What does this mean? I would prefer not to reinstall my system.

Thanx in advance.

eric halfabee
Sounds like something weird happened to the file permissions on the executable X uses to run Classic. This should be easy to fix in the Terminal (need to make sure the executable is owned right with the right permissions); run the following to set it to the way it should be:

sudo chown root:wheel /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic\
sudo chmod 4755 /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic\

This will set it to be root-owned and setuid, as that's the way it is on my system.