cannot use iMedia player because of iTunes


I just got the free iMedia app from the iTunes Store, and installed it on my phone, thinking that at last I would be able to play all my media formats on it, but no.

The app is supposed to be able to play .avi, and divx files, but iTunes still WILL NOT LET ME PUT THEM ON THE PHONE!!!!! It's still telling me the files cannot be played on my phone!!! But I have an app now that can play them, what's the deal??? Why won't iTunes let me put the files on my phone that their app was written to play????

This does not make any sense at all. I have wanted to play other video formats on my phone for so very long, and this is horribly frustrating! I can't find anything about the problem anywhere online, and the help that came with the app is no help at all. I've rebooted my phone and restarted iTunes, but it does no good.

I got this app because I didn't want to have to jailbreak my phone, which I know nothing about doing, and everyone else's reviews are saying it's so great, but there's nothing anywhere about how you get iTunes to let you put the files on your phone to be played by the app!