Canon IP3000 funny feeder print



I do have Canon IP3000 Pixma. I just noticed after the OSX 10.4.1 updates. my printer feeder would not go the back flip input tray at the back instead it goes from cassette tray where it shouldn't be. The default is Paper Feed Switch. I only change the selection to Cassette for cassette tray for that printer. That how I noticed the silly behaviour. I did download and install the printer driver but that not making any difference to Appleworks, MS Office, etc .

Before the updates, it automatically go to the back flip input tray at the back for draft and only manually select cassette if I want to print good papers from cassette. It did not affect the Panther OSX and OSX Tiger 10.4.0.

So did anybody have that similiar problems with Canon IP3000. I blamed the OSX 10.4.1 updates for that silly printout feeder. I'll be happy if you able to report to Apple for this issue.