Canon Powershot G1 doesn't work...


I have a Canon Powershot G1 camera, and doesn't seem to be working with OS X 10.1 image capture program.. any body out there knows how to get it working?
it always says no camera detected even if I plugged it into the USB port.

Move your image capture app directly to the Applications directory

try connecting without the external power connected

reformat your CF or microdrive

One (or all) of these should work
thanks.. I finally got it working.. All i did was unplug the AC adapter..
weird.. now my camera works smooth!!!
From another post in Troubleshooting which I thought was worth repeating for those digital camera owners not included in the compatibility list...

I haven't had to try it myself since my Coolpix works, but it might for others.

Originally posted by Jogga
1. In the /System/Library/Image Capture/Devices/ folder, there is a file called info.plist which contains all the USB IDs for the devices supported by this driver. Enabling support for the IXUS V is simply a matter of adding a new entry for the IXUS's ID, which can be found using the Apple System Profiler.

2. Open this plist file with Property List Editor (included on Apple's Developer Tools CD) or a text editor. You will likely need to use a utility such as Pseudo to open it with root access.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the <dict> section. Add another <dict> entry with the following data (or whatever data you found in Apple System Profiler): product:0x3052 and vendor:0x04A9.

4. Save the file.

5. Log out and back in. Plug in your camera, put it in View mode and turn it on. Image Capture will open and you can download your images!

works for my ixus / good luck!