Can't access iDisk, .Mac, Apple Sites etc

The Dodster


I've been tearing my hair out over a problem I've just discovered.

Can't access my iDisk - the icon on the HD does not respond at all

Unable to get/send via Mail - (The connection to the server “” on port 143 failed (error 13: Permission denied))

Can't access Apple Music Store (an unknown error occurred (-3212) )

Unable to access .Mac , (and variants) via any browser

I've tried to look at firewall ect via System Preferences - Sharing, but I get the spinning pizza of death as soon as I click on an option.

Everything else seems fine; web access no problem apart from the sites above. If there was a problem with my account, I could understand some of it, but not being able to access an apple website??

Have repaired permissions, but this has not resolved this issue.

Any help gratefully received

Running a G4 2004 Powerbook, OS 10.3.9