Can't access internal network


I seem to be the only one with this problem, so hopefully I'm just a moron and there is a very simple answer to this...

I've installed OSX on a G4 w/256MB Ram, and it won't access our internal network. I've tried all the settings in the Network panel, and Appletalk is supposedly on. I had it set to connect via Appletalk in the TCP/IP control panel of OS9, and the Appletalk control panel was set to Ethernet. Never any problems with that. Is there some setting or trick that I'm just missing here?
Having the same thing, I try to connect to a server, when I open the local network I see a subdirectory which has the same name as our domain and under that I only see two computers that are on our network. there should definitely be more.
It seems like you need to have File Sharing over TCP/IP enabled in the file sharing control panels of your other workstations.