Can't Access Web Site Via Airport Extreme Basestation With Comcast


Hello, I can not access my web hosting site or the domain name I registered with CiHost via my Airport Extreme Basestation (connected to my Motorola BitSurfer cable modem). My broadband provider is Comcast.

I can access almost every other site on the Internet except the 2 sites that I mentioned. When I bypass the Airport basestation and connect directly with an ethernet cable to the cable modem I can access the sites without a problem.

I believe something in the Apple Airport Extreme basestation is causing the problem but am unsure how to resolve it.
The other site I can not access is:
(this site is registered through CiHost).
CiHost and Comcast tech support believe it is an Apple Airport issue but would not help me.

I have 2 Macintosh laptops running Mac OS 10.4.1 and the other running 10.3.9 with built in airport card.

I can access these sites from work and from other ISP's without a problem.
My suspicion is that the Airport built-in firewall is preventing access to these sites but I don't know why or how to prevent that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
After installing the Mac OS X 10.4.2 update to one of my powerbooks (the one running 10.4.1) access to the various sites worked.

What is also surprising is that the other powerbook running 10.3.9 also can access the sites as well.

I know this doesn't make sense - unless the 10.4.2 OS update modifies something in the Airport Extreme basestation (which it should not do) but it is finally working after 4 months of no access.

Just wanted to post the solution for other having similar problems.

Apple also recently released an Airport update a few days after the 10.4.2 update but I did not install this since things are finally working.