Can't Activate File Sharing Anymore!



My iMac G5 running 10.3.9 is hooked up to a router (a D-Link DI-604). My home network also comprises an old iMac rev. B running OS 9 (plugged in the same router).

The revB has aliases on its desktop linked to key folders on the G5's hard drive. All of a sudden today, those aliases don't work because "the original item couldn't be found". Trying to connect to the G5 through OS 9's Network Browser produced a similar error message.

Don't worry, this IS about 10.3.9. Wondering what was going on (everything was working fine yesterday), I opened the G5's 10.3.9 System Preferences > Network, and found out that the File Sharing Service was deactivated. What?!? And if I click on the checkbox to activate it, it briefly switches from "gray empty" to "blue w/ check" and then reverts to "gray empty." Clicking on the "Launch" button (or is it "Activate"? I have the French Canadian version installed and the button is named "Demarrer") does nothing at all.

All the other services are behaving normally (checkboxes and "Launch/Activate" button).

What is going on? Please help me figure this one out.
Hi weedonmac and welcome to the forum.
The File Sharing options are located under System Preferences -> Sharing. Can you see a lock on the left-bottom part of the window? If so, is it closed? If so, click on it to unlock the settings by authenticating yourself as the admin. Now you should be able to turn on file sharing.
Hope this is going to solve your problem.