Can't add/import .mp4 videos to iTunes on Lion


I recently had my MBP replaced after a raft of issues, which means I'm now using Lion rather than Snow Leopard.

I was at a friend's house last night and he was telling me about an app he used to use to capture streaming programming from the BBC, but it has since died. We started looking for alternatives and found one called iPlayer+. We installed it and downloaded an episode of a TV show and when it completed this was automatically transferred to iTunes.

Cool. I thought that looked interesting. Since changes were made to our digital broadcasting mast back in April we've been unable to get any of the BBC channels, so I thought this would be a good way to watch all the shows I've been missing.

I got up this morning, installed the app, downloaded a show (which ended in mp4), but this didn't automatically show up in iTunes. I tried to drag and drop it into iTunes, no joy. It just wouldn't have it.

I'm trying to run the file through Handbrake as I'm typing this, but it really don't get why it worked "out of the box" for my friend last night, but doesn't for me. He's a Lion user, too, so I can only assume he has the same default installation of iTunes that I have - maybe not; it all worked fine last night, so I had no reason to check his iTunes version.

Can anyone offer a possible solution that is quicker than running things through Handbrake? If it takes an hour to download something and then another hour to re-encode the resulting mp4 file as, well, mp4 again, it's not really worth the trouble.