Can't add to Address Book via Mail App


I had some permissions problems a while back (I did an "apply to enclosing folders" on my system disk - don't ask - I'm an idiot) and while I fixed them by creating a new system and migrating the old system data to the new system, some problems still persist.

The most annoying one being that I can't add Address Book Contacts to the address book right from the Mail application. I can add a contact manually through the Address Book application, but this doesn't seem to be working "interapplication".

Does anyone have any ideas how this might be fixed? I've repaired permissions NUMEROUS times and really the only ones I get are ACL's are either missing, or unexpected.

I think this same type of problem is inhibiting me from adding dates to iCal from the Mail application as well.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help & cooperation.