can't boot into OS 9!?!


I have foolishly/wisely installed OSX PB straight over a fresh OS9 install.

[no please don't panic here - it is just a spare, unused iMac ... no humans were injured and no data lost.]

However I cannot boot into OS9 ... the startup panel (of System Preferences) just quits whenever selected and holding down option at startup results in a cycling through a flashing macface folder and then restarting. I even launched classic and selected the startup disc in it's control panel.

So ... no OS 9 for me... any help/suggestions???

for all it matters I can do a fresh install of both on seperate partitions ... but then would I be able to switch any better?


This is the same what I did on my iMac, except the Startup Disk doesn't quit on me. Try logging out, logging in as root and then running startup disk of the system preferences. That might help. Also, you have to wait a lot for the Startup Disk to scan the drive.

This same thing is happening on my Box.. I've got a B&W 350 overclocked to 400 with 512 meg of ram. I installed a second 20 Gig HD which My OS's are installed on. (In seperate partitions) When I go to select the startup disk control pannel the system preferences instantly die on me. No matter what user I log in as, including root, this happens. Someone told me to restart off my system CD that came with my computer but for some reason under OS X I can't Boot off my Toshiba DVD drive which replaced the Original CD rom drive.
Anybody else that can help with this problem please share the wealth!!
even when logged in as system root I couldn't open the 'startup disk' panel - 'system preferences' still just instantly quit.

so .. I have wiped the whole sytem and am in the process of installing OS9 on one clean partition and OSX on another. ... so when I have time to finish this game I will update.