Cant boot into OS X


I need some help in configuring my mac to run Mac OS X. Any help would be appreciated. I know this is not a forum for help.
Stock 9600/200 (upgraded to XLR8 Speed ZIF300/200 G3) with 192MB of Interleaved RAM. The computer has the following configuration. Two 4GB HDD's Original IBM and new Seagate Barracuda. OS9 installed on this Seagate HDD. One USB Card installed on the top PCI slot, second slot taken up by the original 4MB video Card, and the third PCI Card is Rage Orion 16MB. Recently bought internal 4416S Yamaha CDRW, installed. No problems. Temperature of CPU as per XLR8 software is 40C, need to check this out.
Installed OS X on the original IBM HDD 4GB, no problems seen, installed perfectly, but now my computer doesn't start. If I remove this OS X drive from the SCSI link I can boot from my OS 9 disk. But if I try to boot up from the OS X disk while I have disconnected OS 9 Disk, my computer shows a broken folder Icon on my Mac OS X disk.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

I have been able to install Mac OS X on an unsupported 9600/200 upgraded to G3\300 from XLR8. After plugging and unplugging lots of drives etc I was able to install OS X on terminated SCSI 4GB (Bus0, ID1). MacOS 9 is installed on (Bus0 ID0) Seagate 4GB HDD.
I have installed Mac OS X twice and these problems showed up.
1. After installing OS X, my computer screen was blank. Had to unplug the OS X HDD form SCSI Chain, boot form OS 9 and press option key to start. After a couple of reboots, the computer would restart in OS 9. Plug the OS X disk back in the SCSI chain. Reboot couple of times and I am able to see both of my HDD's.
2. On opening OS X hdd, I see 5 folders. If I try to open any icon (all the icons look the same)the familiar message box tells me "the application that created the application can't be found." As per apples Mac OS X trouble shooting tip, to launch Mac OS X after Mac OS 9 you have to go to the Welcome to Mac OS X box and using system (something) you have to choose the Mac OS X disk and reboot form there. As I said before I cant see any difference between icons all look the same.
This is what I did:
I copied the system icon from Mac OS X CD to my HDD where Mac OS X is installed ie inside Mac OS 9 folder where there are four icons and one of them is this mysterious Systems (something) disk.
3. I opened this icon choose Mac OS X as my start up HDD and rebooted. Now I am back to square one, my computer screen is blank. I can only reboot into OS 9 by holding option key.
My problem is I can see all the HDD's all all folders inside the HDD but can't do anything.
Can someone help or had similar problems please reply.
I have tried to run OS X through the System Disk that comes with OS X to boot it up, but some how it dosen't work on my computer.