Can't boot os x 10.04


I am running os 9.2 and i am trying to install os x. I am trying to boot off a burnt copy of os x, holding down "c" doesn't work? I am also trying to start on the os x CD but when i double hit install an error "-2" comes up? I also can't pick the "os x" Cd as the startup disk? any help would be great. thx
Perhaps you should install from 'official' media. What you've got sounds very much like non-bootable media. If you don't already have MacOSX, you probably shouldn't be installing from a 'burnt copy' in the first place.
I wanted to try it before I bought it.. I have heard there is alot of problems.. so I did get a burnt copy off a friend, but... i'm not going to spend the money if there is 2 many issuse with the os X system? but thanks anyway.