can't boot OS9



I'm using a Power Mac G4 466 digital audio and have OSX installed on the primary HD.

I have a second HD installed with OS 9.0.4.

I want to boot into OS9 but, can't.

I selected the HD with OS9.0.4 installed as the startaup disk from
the system preference of OSX but get a flashing question mark and boots in OSX.

Tried booting from the OSX 9.1 disk that comes with OSX and get a flashing question mark.
Pressed option upon startup to see only the HD with OSX.

Why can't I boot from the CD or other HD?

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.
I am having a similar problem.
I basically didn't isntall OS9 at all before installing OSX. If you didn't know, you're suppose to install 9.1 before OSX to be able to use Classic.
Thanks for the reply.

I installed OSX on an out of the box G4.
With OS9.1 installed on my primary HD.

I hooked up a HD taken from a G4 with OSX server
installed on the primary HD to the new G4.

While on the G4 that had OSX server installed I had no
problem booting from the secondary HD with OS9.0.4 installed.

Any other help?

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