Can't boot out of system


I'm running a Graphite iBook SE with Mac OS 9.04 and OS X on the same disk. When holding option on startup, the boot screen only recognizes the OS X system.

When I try to open the StartupDisk System Preference, System Preference crashes.

So I have no way of booting back into OS 9. Trying to boot up from the OS 9 doesn't work either...

Basically, I'm stuck in OS X.

How can I get around this? Is there a way to change the startup disk with the terminal? I tried to delete SystemPreference's pref file... I've therefore narrowed it down to the StartupDisk component. (Every other preference works fine)

Logging in as different users won't work either...
The option at startup trick only works if you have multiple partitions or more than one HD. I read about some way of switching your startup system from the commandline on this site at If you can get classic to start you can try using the Mac OS 9 System Disk control panel. If classic won't start then your OS 9 system folder may be corrupted.

Hope this helps :),