can't connect internet sharing direct to pc. help...


hi guys

i got a problem i want to sharing my internet between pc and mac i know the best way is to get router, i hve one and the ethernet conection is full because i am sharing house so there few pcs. i have 2 ethernet connection in my pc so i want to have direct connection from mac to pc.

anyway i did the standard procedure, i connect my imac to my pc via crossover cable in my 1st card then i set the 2nd card that connect to router to be able to share the internet connection. then i browse my imac and i could share my file with pc and the other way around but the probelm is i couldnt connect to internet in imac. :(

did i miss something ???? should i change the ip address ???? if i should what is the ip address should i put in the pc & imac??? or did do something wrong?? really need your help guys.....

is there any website that have guide line to do this connection??

When posting a question / problem, it is very nice to include specific information. Such as the model and manufacturer of the router. It helps one visualize what you may have.

01. Purchase an Ethernet switch (such as the 'Linksys' 'EtherFast® 10/100 5-port Auto-Sensing Switch'.) and two Ethernet cables.
02. Remove one of the PCs from the router.
03. Connect the Ethernet switch to the now free router port, with the new Ethernet cable.
04. Connect the PC, whose Ethernet cable was removed from the router in Step 02. above, into the switch.
05. Remove the crossover cable from Mac and PC.
06. Connect the Mac to the switch, with the second new Ethernet cable.