Cant connect laser printer...please help


thank you for all your help guys, much appreaciated. Well, eversince I installed OSX i have encountered numerous problems and now I just got another one. I'm tryin to connect my laser printer via ethernet/appletalk with OSX. I'm using an iMac and OSX can recognise my printer but it doesn't print. Could you please give me hints on how I can connect my laser printer via appletalk.

Thank You.
Printing (for the most part) isn't supported yet (aka epson and hp haven't written/released the appropriate drivers as of yet). March 24th can't come soon enough...

I'm afraid I can't help you, but I must indicate that networked laser printing, unlike local (USB or localtalk) printing, should work in the beta. This is because the laser printing is based a lot off the UNIX lpr command, which is properly implemented, AFAIK.

If you hve any "fancy" printing schemes (like at my school where a special spooler debits the page cost from our accounts) printing may not work.
To see what's involved, I may soon try to get a plain-vanilla laser printer working and get back to you about any difficulties I had.

I believe printing via appletalk isn't supported yet till final release.. pb does support printing to laser printer via ethernet I belive.. I could be wrong..

Printing to laser or inkjet via usb wasn't supposed to be supported but everyone found a way to do that by using developer kit found at

hope that help..

I just configured OS X to print to an Appletalk printer over an ethernet network. I assure you that Appletalk printing IS supported. (Localtalk printing, however, is not.)

Anyhow, could you tell me your setup and where the problem lies? (Good idea: Go into OS 9 -- does the printer show up in the chooser when you click the Laserwriter icon? If not, fix the printer first.)

What I did to get the printer working:
1) Pressed command-P to print a page.
2) Selected "Edit printer list" from the popup that says "generic laser printer"
3) Clicked "add printer"
4) Selected "AppleTalk" from the popup that displays "Directory Services" by default.
5) Surfed to the proper printer on the network and double-clicked it.


At what point are you running into problems? After all this does it not print? Or do you not get this far?

I've been having the same problem. However, I believe I know where the fault is. If someone has gotten this to work or thinks they can get this to work, by all means, tell me. Otherwise March 24th it is...
Okay, I've got a powerbook connected to a hub thru ethernet. An old powermac 7200 connected to that hub thru ethernet. An even older laserwriter II connected thru localtalk to the 7200. And localtalk-bridge running on the 7200 to put the laserwriter out on the network.
So, the problem is that the laserwriter is connected to the network through localtalk, correct? And localtalk isn't supported yet?
Oh, BTW, zpincus, I've done the steps you suggested. Laserwriter shows, but no printing. The light on the laserwriter blinks, but nothing ever happens.