Can't connect to the internet via Motorola V550


I'm trying to use GPRS to access the internet on my Powerbook via a bluetooth Motorola V550 running on the Vodafone network (UK). I think I've set it up correctly because iSync works.

I can connect to the server, then it says "Authenticating..." and then disconnects me. This would suggest that the login information is incorrect. I'm using the settings listed on the Vodafone site.

Phone number: *99#
APN: Internet
User name: web
Password: web
Obtain DNS addresses automatically (Tick)

The *99# number doesn't work but Internet appears to. I haven't seen an option in Mac OS X to obtain DNS addys automatically.

Vodafone doesn't really offer much info because they expect you to use their ConnectMe software. Unfortunately this is for Windows only.

I thought I may have to activate my GPRS account or something so I phoned them up but the guy said that it should work fine and that the problem was with the settings.

I am also using the Motorola GPRS CID 1 script.

Has anyone managed to achieve this or does anyone have any pointers as to where I went wrong?